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Payroll setting up company costs, the true costs of setting up your own payroll processing within your business.


Payroll Clerk, approx 16,000.00 Yr

PC Setup, one off cost 550.00

Stationary / Payslips etc, approx 100.00 Yr

Printers and Toner, approx 250.00 Yr

Software, approx 175.00 Yr


In the first year alone, can you afford that for a small business?

Check out our Payroll Charges and see how we can help you save money today.

Payroll Setup And The True Costs


Remember, you don't have to keep upto date with the industry standards as we do all that for you.

I have more than 20+ years experience in payroll processing so you can be guaranteed that our knowledge will be to your benefit.

Contact to discover how we can help you.



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